Oakville Summer Clearance

It is that time of year again. We are refreshing our Showroom Floor at our Oakville Mattress Store at 500 Speers Rd. We have a wide selection on Floor models and clear outs currently on Sale. Save up to 60% off mattresses and 50% off select bedding and pillows including 50% off Pure Care Luxury Bamboo Sheet Sets.

Visit Us in Oakville or Call Us Toll-Free +1 (855) 656-2424; (905) 339-2424 to learn more or to check availability.


Floor Model Clearance Mattresses

Queen (60x80") Size

Beautyrest 12" Plush Gel Mattress Queen Reg $1,299  Sale Price $499
BeautyRest Quintessence Luxury Firm Queen Reg $3,299 Sale Price $1,499
Beautyrest Black Shannon Luxury Firm Queen $1299 Reg $3,299 Sale Price $1,299 (Sold)
Beautyrest Black Luxury Plush Queensbridge Queen $1299 Reg $3.299 Sale Price $1,299
BeautyRest Hybrid Smooth Top Empress X-Firm Queen Reg $2,699 Sale Price $999
Wellsville Medium Memory Foam Queen Reg $1,999 Sale Price $599 (Sold)

Twin XL (38x80") Size

ZedBed Vogue Gel Memory Foam TXL Reg $1,299 Sale Price $599
Dream Star Monaco Reg $999 Sale Price $599

Naturepedic Organic Mattresses

2 x Naturepedic EOS Classic TXL Reg $3,499 Sale Price $2,399 each
Naturepedic Trilux Organic Latex Queen Reg $5,599 Sale Price $3,599


New Mattresses

Queen (60x80") Size

Serta Escape Tight Top Firm Mattress Reg $1,499 Sale Price $699

Queen RV (60x 74") Size (New)

2 Mlily Tranquil RV Queen Reg $1,299 Sale Price $599

King (76x80") Size

Kingsdown Fisher Tight Top Firm King Reg $1,799 Sale Price $899

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