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Halcyon Luxury Organic Mattresses

Halcyon by Naturepedic
The Halcyon by Naturepedic Collection combine unrivalled quality craftmanship creating an opulent palatial look for any master bedroom.

Made from the finest natural, organic, and non toxic materials, the Halcyon series provides not only a great night's sleep but the ultimate in organic luxury where comfort can be customized for each sleeper for a sleep experience like noneother.

The Halcyon Collection has redefined the way luxury mattresses are made with a fresh modern organic design. Each mattress features fabrics that are truly comfortable and soft to the touch. Exclusive to every Halcyon Model is their signature 500 TC GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Sateen Fabric. The multi-layered zippered construction allows for a truly customized mattress providing flexability to alter the comfort anytime for needs may change over the lifetime of your organic mattress.

Naturepedic's Halcyon Collection is their most luxurious, ultimately designed to maximize comfort and optimal back support for the highest standards of indulgent sleep in the mattress industry.

Every mattress is packed with pure natural fibers including wool, alpaca and cashmere that absorb moisture which helps every sleeper regulate their indivudual body temperature for the coolest night's sleep possbile. The unique hybrid design features naturally made certified organic latex and a contouring support system that breathes effectively and actually provides the heat and humidity a vent to escape.