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Hush Mattress

The Hush Mattress features Hush Iced Cooling Tech ensuring your body does not overheat or sleep too warm for a restful and restorative night's sleep. A zoned pocketed coil sleep system, High-Density foam, and Temperature Regulating materials create the most comfortable night's sleep and will create a cloud-like feeling for a luxurious night's sleep. A reinforced triple zoned individual pocket coil sleep system eliminates motion transfer to ensure you do not disturb your partner.

Every Hush Mattress includes a 100 Night Trial, Free Shipping, and comes with a Free Hush Pillow ($149 Value), and No-Hassle Returns. Contact our Team at +1 (855) 656-2424 or Chat with Us Online. White-Glove Service is available for Edmonton Metro and the Greater Toronto Areas. Delivery is approximately 3-7 business days.

Hush Mattress Details

Infused with Hush Iced Hush Blankets' signature phase change material makes the pillow top cool to the touch. Fall asleep faster and stay cool all night for the most temperature-balanced sleep ever. Sleep in the Luxury you deserve. 

Zero Motion Transfer - Individually-wrapped Canadian Tempered Steel coils mean you won't feel your partner tossing or getting out of bed, protecting your deep sleep. Made in Canada by Canadians.

Naturally Anti-BacterialMade with edible soy-based materials and non-toxic padding, there's no opportunity for bacteria to breed in this mattress and no harmful off-gassing. All foams in the Hush Mattress are high density to ensure consistent comfort and support is achieved over the lifetime of the mattress.

Triple Zoned Support - Every pocketed coil spring is designed specifically to be firmer around your torso and lighter around your shoulders and feet. Giving you support where you need it most. The Hush mattress was designed to give you the proper support, alignment, and pressure relief for an ergonomically designed night's sleep.

Need To Know More About The Hush Mattress?

Comfort - What does the Hush Mattress feel like? Is it possible to feel like floating on a pillowy cloud, and being gently supported at the same time? We think so!

Most people will describe this innovative mattress as medium-firm, which is why we decided to add a pillow top with both responsive and memory foam on top of our supportive spring base.

Cooler - COOLER, DEEPER SLEEPIt's important to be cool in order to fall asleep fast and to stay cool to not wake up from overheating.

So we made The Hush Mattress 3° cooler than your bedroom. Here's how:

1) The top layer of phase-change material reacts to your skin and draws heat away from you through perforated holes, resulting in a cooling sensation.

2) The Graphite layer sewn in the pillow top pulls heat away from your body and is very breathable

3) The memory foam layer contains micro Visco gel bubbles which absorb heat and doesn't circulate hot air back up.

Translation: the three layers work together to pull heat away from you and keep you cold.

SupportWE GOT YOUR BACK. LITERALLY. Foam mattresses lose their shape over time and start to concave in the middle. That's why we brought high-density coils back into this mattress along with Premium HD Foams for the most consistent and supportive night's sleep.

The support from the Hush Mattress is unparalleled and is built to last. Firmer guage coils in the middle of the mattress support your lower back, specifically the lumbar region, and torso. Lighter coils at the shoulders, head and feet ease the stress on your neck and shoulder for correct spinal alignment.


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