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Hush Weighted Throw

The Hush Kids Childrens Weighted Blanket is ideal if your child has trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. Instead of traditional comforters or duvets which are great and yes we have lots of great ones! The key for children are relaxing a busy and over stimulated mind. Instead of tradiitonal bedding our weighted blankets from Hush offer kids that sense of security by simulating a gentle hug or embrance helping reduce anxiety and stress so both of you can sleep better. This product is also light enough that it can be taken along on those long car rides, planes, and trains or even a visit to their gransparents house.
The Benefits are Obvious

Your child can now relax more quickly and go to sleep faster. Weighted blankets are know to help children with anxiety, autism, and other sleep challenges to achieve a more restful and quality night's sleep. A rested mind is more sharp, attentive, and far more likely to do homework! Right Parents?

    Hush Kids Childrens Weighted Blanket Details

    • Our 7 lbs kids blanket is 50x60 inches and designed specifically for children between 40-90 pounds in mind.
    • The Kids Classic blanket is a child-friendly cover that comes in two designs. The cover is made from easy to wash breathable soft cotton.
    • Choose "Iced Kids" to receive our Hush Iced 2.0 bamboo cooling cover to regulate your child's temperature. 
    • The covers are all easy to remove by zipper to throw in the wash.
    • The inner weighted blanket is made of a super comfortable microfibre material, which means your child can sleep directly under it too.
    • Great for children experiencing stress, growth pains, and trouble falling asleep. 

    Shipping and Availability

     The Hush Kids Childrens Weighted Blanket is shipped driectly to your home. This product is an online exclusive. Store Pick-Up is also available in Edmonton and Oakville. Orders generally arrive in 3 to 7 business days.

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