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Springwall Chiropractic Sleep Systems

Luxurious Mattresses & Sleep Proucts at Affordable Pricing Everyday!

Spingwall has been crafting quality mattresses and sleep sets since 1949, remaining the only 100% Canadian mattress manufacturer founded by Robert G. Kay and is headquartered where it all started in Moncton, New Brunswick. Producing the only chiropractic mattress endorsed by the Canadian Chiropractor's Association making them unique to other traditional mattress manufacturers. Our Chiropractic® by Springwall has been a premier sleep system in Canada, along with a collaborative effort with the CCA (Canadian Chiropractors Association) to the reaearch and development with the goal of improving the quality of sleep for every individual. Luxurious Beds and Linens and Springwall are proudly Canadian.



Springwall Chiropractic® provide correct spinal alignment offering a healthy night's sleep. Every Chiropractic® sleep set offers 5 key elements to improving the quality of sleep for every individual.

  Zoned Chiropractic® Support System
    •  Reinforced centre third lumbar support section
    •  Correct postural alignment
    •  Reduces partner disturbance
 Durasystem® Foundation
    • Heavy duty metal grid foundation
    • Prolonged life of sleep set
    • Structural integrity
 Percell® Zoned Support Foam
    • High density zoned poly and specialty foams
    • Enhanced conformability
    • Relieves pressure points
 Airways® Border
    • Flow-thru foam encasement rails
    • Springwall® ventilated border
    • Creates a healthy sleep environment
 Eco Series® Components
    • Bio foams and natural content fabrics
    • Environmentally friendly manufacturing processes
    • Reduces your carbon footprint
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