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Luxurious Beds and Linens

Welcome to the Official page for Alberta's & Ontario's Luxurious Beds and Linens store. We are a family owned and operated business in Edmonton, Alberta & Oakville, Ontario. Offering full delivery and set up to the GTA, Edmonton, Calgary and their surrounding metro areas including St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Leduc, Airdrie, Cochrane, Okotoks, Canmore, Banff, and many others. Unlike other independent mattress stores that source out to a third party carrier we deliver our own products if your town or city is within our service area. We ensure quicker fulfillment we have inventory in both Toronto and Edmonton.

What makes us different and unique

Certified Organic Mattresses

Our organic mattresses are certified organic not only at the source of the raw material but at the factory level from both OMI and Naturepedic. What does this mean exactly? It means that the end product is certified because unfortunately certifications are not transferable from the vendor who produces the organic raw material which is why our two certified organic brands have their own certification for wool, latex, and cotton. Naturepedic and OMI are awarded organic status by two authoritative bodies of the highest standard reputation, Control Union and Oregon Tilth Certified Organic, together GOTS and GOLS represent the highest achievement in organic textiles. 

Why Not Canadian Organic Mattresses?

We are a proudly owned and operated Canadian business, in fact our founder Dave Elder served our country for over 21 years in the Canadian Armed forces. Suffice it to say he is very passionate about Canada and supporting local manufacturers wherever possible. Our standards for organic are one of the highest in the industry and unfortunately at this time we cannot support organic mattresses made in Canada as they do not provide enough certainty in our opinion with regards to the level of purity. Naturepedic and OMI are recognized as the leading manufacturers for providing certified organic mattresses and bedding.

Our Showroom

The biggest challenge that most consumers have when shopping organic mattresses is the environment they are displayed in. We display our certified organic mattresses in individual rooms at our Sleep Spa Showroom in St. Albert for the purposes of re-creating similar to that of a home environment with smaller rooms and lower ceilings. This is especially important for those suffering from chemical and environmental sensitivities as most showroom display models in open spaces with tall ceilings. 

The Zipper

The organic mattress industry has evolved tremendously in the last 10 years so much in fact many mattress can be customized to achieve proper alignment, ideal pressure relief, balance temperature, and can be customized for individual comfort. This is where the 'Zipper' come into play and where many manufacturer's go wrong with it! Customized natural and organic mattresses come with a zipper employed either of the top, side, or underneath for the ability to change layers in the mattress but unfortunately most use a synthetic plastic zipper. Both OMI and Naturepedic employ brass zippers for several reasons: 

    • Helps to pass flammability requirements in the USA and Canada
    • Brass zippers also eliminate the need to over quilt a cover with excess wool to pass aforementioned flammability test
    • This also prevents sagging, softening, and indentations because wool does compact over time
    • Brass zippers are more durable, this is especially important as most covers are only covered for manufacturing defects from our competitors for up to 3 years.


Why do we not have natural mattresses?

For us its simple it's either certified organic or its not. There is far better value for money with non organic products that can feel luxurious and comfortable without paying for 'Natural' or 'Luxury'. Simply stated if your criteria is both organic and luxury you don't need to go to England or other parts of Europe to find it our Luxury Pocket Coil and Luxury Organic Latex Mattresses from Naturepedic and OMI provide the best of both worlds representing value and guaranteed purity.