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Cuddledown Luxury Bath Towels


Portofino towels are crafted from the finest zero twist, ring spun combed cotton available. These wonderful luxury bath and spa towels are wonderfully soft, plush, and extremely moisture absorbent ensuring you stay warm after a warm bath or hot shower. Portofino towels are made from 100% Zero Twist Cotton and are available in 17 beautiful and vibrant colours. Portugal is renown for making the finest luxury towels in the world. Luxurious Beds and Linens stocks these high quality towels in some of the most popular colours. 

  •  100% Zero Twist Cotton
    • Ring Spun
    • Super Plush
  • Extremely moisture absorbent
  • Available in 17 beautiful colours
  • Made in Portugal


Prouduct Sizes
Face Towel 13" x 13"
Hand Towel 16" x 30"
Bath Towel 27" x 54"
Bath Sheet 30" x 64"
Tub Matt 20" x 31"


Shipping and Availability

Portofino Towels are typically stocked in face, hand, and bath towels in all 17 colours. When out of stock please allow 3-5 days for delivery. Shipping and handling is included  at no additional charge.