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Eiderdown Duvets


Eiderdown Duvet is the apex of luxury when comparing the quality of down. Eiderdown is the softest and most sumptuous in existence. Lightest in weight, very warm in the winter, cooler in the summer, offering unsurpassed comfort and a hypoallergenic night's sleep. Our eiderdown is hand collected from Eider Duck sanctuaries and is only available in a very limited supply due to the unique and strict guidelines for protection, their habitat, and the harvest of its down as it is a protected endangered species and it is illegal to harm the bird in anyway. The Eider ducks themselves line the nests with its own moulted feathers and down, this keeps their eggs warm in windswept and colder climates where the Eider breeding sanctuaries reside. All of these factors result in giving the Eiderdown its fabled  properties making it the most sought after duvet filling in the world. As it can only be procured by hand from each nest without disturbing the Eider ducks adding to the rarity of this specialty opulent duvet. 

While eiderdown tests at 700 loft, its unique high density (the density of filaments on the down cluster) and cling (the ability to cling to other down clusters) make it insulate as if it were a 900+ loft down. The insulating capacity of an eiderdown actually adjust to each persons body temperature truly making it the best duvet and bedding items in the world.

Our St. Julien Eiderdown Duvet is covered in a 100% cotton Lavisima shell, which is a light and soft satin shell woven by expert artisans in Italy. Every ounce of eiderdown is meticulously hand sorted and placed in a genuine baffle-box designed shell that is dust mite and down proof. 

The Utopia Eiderdown duvet by SFERRA® is considered the finest luxury duvet available and the ultimate heirloom piece for your bedroom. Every Utopia Eiderdown duvet is covered in SFERRA® 's 434TC silk woven jacquard specially woven to be both dust mite and down proof ensuring the quality, longevity, durability, and guarantees you duvet is 100% hypoallergenic which is the same for all of our down duvets by SFERRA® and Cuddledown.



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