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Le Blanc Towel Wash


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Leblanc is a manufacturer of specialty home and laundry products that has been in business for over 25 years. Their products do not contain: bleach, caustics, phosphates, sulphates or enzymes but have a neutral pH, are 100% biodegradable, are Eco friendly and do not test their products on animals.

Leblanc products are triple concentrated which means that you only need to use a 1/4 cup to wash a full load! This makes Leblanc laundry soaps very cost-effective. Excess soap, like the full cup required by most standard laundry detergents on the market, will leave sheets, towels and clothing feeling scratchy. With Leblanc laundry soaps, a little goes a long way!
All Leblanc products are very energy efficient. All the Leblanc formulas work well in cold water and are recommended for use in-home or commercial top-loading, front-loading and high-efficiency washing machines.
Leblanc formulas have been tested to remove stains caused by red wine, lipstick, oil, mustard, cocoa, egg yolk, tomato sauce, food colouring, gravy, coffee.................... and much more!
We believe you will love all the infused fragrances Leblanc has to offer. We provide you with a close description of Leblanc's interpretations of their fragrances under each product.
We have used Leblanc products for a few years now and will never go back to traditional detergents or softeners! We invite you to try them for deserve the best!

Product Details

  • Triple Concentrated (1/4 cup) is all you need
  • Energy Efficient
  • Environmentally Safe
  • No Bleach, Caustics, Phosphates, Sulfates or Enzymes
  • Neutral pH
  • Shipping is available across Canada



A floral fusion of jasmine and hyacinth is brought together by notes of kiwi, apple, grapefruit, sandalwood, and musk to form our charmingly light, but powerfully refreshing Original fragrance medley.

Blue Violet

Experience truly exceptional cleanliness. Begin your next wash cycle with the subtle crispness released from our comforting Blue Violet fragrance.

Lavender Lady

Let the calming aroma of Lavender Lady soothe your senses. The traditional beauty of this fragrance will blanket your linens with lasting tranquil freshness.


This is an alluring fragrance created for the modern-day male. My wife loves this fragrance as well! A blend of classic woods and orange blossom is warmed by hints of amber and vanilla. The portfolio fragrance is unisex.

Summer Verbena

Peel into this invigorating citrus scent. You will be delightfully drenched by fresh citrus and soft flower petals at the heart of our Summer Verbena fragrance.

Silk Petals

Wrap yourself in this exquisite floral treasure. Roses, lilacs, and gardenias delightfully blend together to create our gentle and sophisticated Silk Petals fragrance.

Shipping & Availability

We regularly stock Le Blanc Laundry products at our stores in Edmonton and the greater Toronto area. You can pick up your Le Blanc Linen, Towel, Laundry, or Silk & Lingerie wash locally. We ship across Canada daily for a nominal fee; Purchase a case of six units (Does not have to be the same fragrance or type) and receive free shipping to nearly anywhere in Canada.