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MLILY Dream Mattress Toronto

The Fusion+ Superb is the king of our Fusion Hybrid Series. A soft, supple layer of our GelCloud Memory Foam is aerodynamically designed to improve breathability, all whilst adapting to your body’s millions of micro pressure points. We’ve also introduced a layer of our scientifically engineered Smart Foam ™, which provides all of the health benefits of latex whilst being allergy free. It’s the perfect fusion of comfort and support you need for a better night.


Certifications MLILYThe orthopedic designed support system include 1000 individually wrapped pocketed coil springs ensuring you of a healthy night’s sleep that is breathable, relieves sensitive pressure points, and achieves proper alignment and support for your spine.

Fusion Features and Benefits

Fusion+ Superb Inside

  1. Mlily Air-Flow Gel-Memory Layer. A plush layer of our Mlily Cooling Gel is infused into our aerodynamically designed Cloud Memory Foam, creating a cooler, breathable sleeping surface that adapts to you. 1.5”
  2. Mlily Air-Flow Smart Foam. Our scientifically engineered Smart Foam is crafted to be both breathable and flexible, actively adapting to your body’s micro pressure points. It provides all the benefits of latex whilstbeing allergy-free. 1”
  3. Flex Comfort Foam. Our Flex Comfort Foam adds an additional layer of comfort to create a more supple, luxurious feel. 1.2”
  4. Pocket Springs. 3000 of our soft-series Hybrid Springs bring out the performance of this mattress. 6.3”
  5. Aero-Flex Border. Our aerodynamic border is fitted to keep air-flow consistent, helping you stay cooler and get to sleep faster. It’s also built with specially mounted joints to keep support even, from the center to the very edges of your mattress.
  6. Flex Support Foam. A final layer of our Flex Support Foam provides added support, delivering a deeper, more regenerative sleep. 2”
     Size Cart Width Length
    Twin 39″ 75″
    Twin Extra Long /Single 39″ 80″
    Full / Double 54″ 75″
    Queen 60″ 80″
    King 76″ 80″

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